lighting the darkness

on 16.2.17

Light is good from whatever lamp it shines.  ~Author Unknown

I love my collection of Ball jars!

Short on space, I purchased this solid wood shelf unit made from old barn wood and it weighs a  LOT.  They sent it to me in the wrong stain, but it was so heavy, I just asked for a discount, and they gave me one.

Some of my cookbooks, but sadly I think I use Pinterest for recipes more than these cookbooks. I must work on that. 

February's project

on 15.2.17

I had high hopes for this month.  I started out  "taking stock" for January, and then I was going to post my project for February.  I did get started, but I didn't finish well.  However rather than just starting again in March, I am forcing myself to follow through even at this late date.

My project for this month was to capture here and there bits of my home.  I wanted to use photography to appreciate the details, as well as document them. I also do not have the best light, so that will bring a challenge.  The good news is that I started taking photos right away, so I am not behind on that.  It's unfortunate, in the winter we get beautiful afternoon sun filtering through the windows, but in the summer the sun is directly overhead so we get nothing for setting light.  I did a film project for light this past summer, and I was never able to capture the beautiful light inside my place.  So now is the time for me to enjoy doing that!

There are two kinds of light - the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.  ~James Thurber

This is a glimpse of my art room.  I am trying to get it organized and finding the challenge quite daunting.  I love the galvanized boards on the wall, you can write on them or use magnets. 

Taking Stock

I got this started at the end of January, and now here I am posting it on February 15th.......which is why it isn't very long.  I need to just do it for doing it sake. 

Taking Stock

Making : my first quilt

Organized : I got all of last years bills and paper organized and stored, threw out a bunch of catalogs and magazines

Sketching : nothing :( 

Cooking : made salisbury steak for the first, it was ehh..... 

Drinking : Izzy, I have not purchased a can/bottle of Mt. Dew since March 2016

Reading: Small Great Things by Jody Piccoult 

Wanting: to cut my hair 

Looking: forward to starting one of my hiking goals, to hike the Centennial trail this year which is 111 miles long!

Health : been doing the fitness challenge for 4 weeks, and have not lost a thing, need to jump back into taking my supplements.

Playing: my record player 

Waiting: for the newest member of our family to arrive

Buying:  Baby stuff 

Memorizing :  Psalm 27