on 13.10.16

Here is another installment from the video project Tracie West and I have been working on. This project was about light.  As a person who enjoys taking photos, I am always looking for beautiful light, and drooling over the perfect light, whether for my photo or in some one else's.  Doing this project proved to be intimidating because my head was packed with ideas, and big plans and reality didn't match for several reasons.  I eventually had to just concede and know that next time I will do better, hopefully much better. I already had the privilege of seeing Tracie's video, which turned out so beautiful!  I love the fact that she narrated over the whole thing, such a great idea!  The correlation between light from the sun, and the son of light is also beautiful! That Tracie is very talented so be sure and check it out! The password is lightseeker.

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.  ~ A. R.

                               light from 22 Limes on Vimeo.