7 Most Stylish Couches

on 23.4.15

Well, we are finally done moving.  Thank you Jesus!  I really felt like it would never end.  We are still in the process of purging and downsizing.  We have moved a 4 bedroom house, with a 2 car garage into a 3 bedroom apartment with a single garage.  The garage is busting at the seams to say the least, so the battle continues.  I have sold several pieces of furniture, as well as this and that.  We sold our living room furniture and kept the family room sectional for now, until I find a replacement.  We are not only downsizing, but I really only want to surround myself with things I love. If I love something, but can't afford it, then I should wait or live without it, not compromise and buy something I can afford for now.  I want things that have value, not because they were purchased at a high end store, but because they were made by someone who was doing something they loved, who cared about the details, who made it with passion, which means more often than not, not store bought. I live on a very tight budget, so this should be interesting, but maybe that is where more of the minimalist part comes in.  Having one thing you absolutely love, versus having ten things you like. In the instances of the past when I was able to buy the exact thing that I loved, I can say, I still love it today.  Of the things that I bought because of need, or affordability, I am only so happy to let them go. It is a process, and a matter of changing your thinking, as my husband has already had to remind me not to compromise.

So one of the purchases I want to make is a new couch.  It will be the only couch we have, so I want it to be something I really like, as well as comfortable for the guys in my life.  This should be interesting.  Where I live, the furniture stores SUCK!  This means I will not be purchasing locally, and can not try out how comfortable they are which worries me a bit.  I once found a couch at Ikea online that I thought would be great.  We traveled to purchase couch and other items, only to find that the couch was very stiff and uncomfortable.  Oh snap.  Anyways this couch will be lounged on, read on, knitted on, and napped on.  I am really loving the vintage look, but several of the couches I have really liked, don't exactly look like they would be comfortable for anything other than upright sitting. Below are seven couches that I do really love, but all may not be as practical as I would like.  I guess I will have to rely heavily on reviews.  The other decision I have to make is the color.  I would love a turquoise couch, but then I thought maybe I should go with grey and accent with my favorite color. Thoughts?

These couches that I choose are not necessarily ones I can afford, but you have to start somewhere.  Once I narrow it down to a specific style, then I can figure out the affordable option.  So without further ado, here are my choices.

Bliss Down-Filled 2-Piece Chaise Sectional
                                                   West Elm

I really like this one because it is handmade in the USA, and stuffed with down.  The designer said she set out to create the most comfortable sofa she could, one that everyone would want to sit on. I do wish you could choose the stain for the feet, but you can't.  The description sounds wonderful, the only things is it lacks some of the vintage detail I am loving in the other couches.  This is the grey color in linen, or I would one of these colors both in velvet.
Performance Velvet, Lagoon  Performance Velvet, Shadow
Edith Sofa
                                                  Dot & Bo

I really love this one, the color is perfect, the style is perfect, though it does lack the built in chaise (for the guys), and I am not sure how great it would be for lounging.  There are no reviews to read.

Spiers Sofa in Citron
                                          Dot & Bo

This one only comes in this color, which is still a perfect compliment to my home. Again another great style, but would it work for a family room setting?  I can hear those men in my life complaining about its lack of functionality. 

Hughes Sectional                                                        Joybird

This one seems like a great compromise, with great style, color, and a built in chaise. I think it marries my style, with the lounge factor, but is it really comfortable?  

Petrie 2-Piece Sectional Sofa
                  Crate and Barrel

This one is ok. It does have a vintage feel to it, and the built in chaise, however this is the only color option for me, and the fabric is a nubby one.  It is among the most expensive.

Delano Tufted Sectional Sofa in Laguna
                                                    Joss and Main

This one only comes in this color, which I do like, but it might be a little too light for something that would get a lot of use.  The style is there as well as the possible lounge factor. 

Peggy Mid-Century Chaise Sectional
                                                       West Elm

This is another one from West Elm, which has the style I like, and it looks really comfy.  Also handcrafted, and assembled in the USA. The same colors are available as with the first couch from West Elm.
Performance Velvet, Lagoon Performance Velvet, Shadow

taking stock

on 18.4.15

March 2015

March was a very busy month for us.  We were busy purging, and preparing to move. So my list is short and sweet.

Making : wooden industrial shelf unit

Cooking : corndogs

Drinking : too many mt dews, arrrggghh!

Reading: Bella Grace

Wanting: to purge stuff

Playing: words with friends again

Deciding: what to get rid of

Wishing: for spring something fierce

Enjoying: the unusually beautiful weather

Liking: selling stuff on fb, it's fast and way better than a garage sell

Hoping: the early lilac buds don't freeze 

Needing: signs of spring

Smelling: paint, since we have to repaint our house back to white

Wearing: light bulb shirt

Noticing: signs of spring are showing up a tad early

Sorting: through all our stuff, and purging, feels good

Buying: new polaroid circle film

Snacking: on dried strawberries and pineapple chips which are crunchier than dried pineapple

Wishing: I could wear dresses