She Reads Truth

on 18.2.15

I came across this website called She Reads Truth during Advent.  I have since become a fan, and have loosely been following their daily posts.  They have some great stuff! Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  This is not something I have participated in, in my Christian walk.  Much like the author of today's commentary, I also thought of it more as a ritual, and it is, but that doesn't necessarily make it useless. To quote Raechel Myers, "Bearing ashes or avoiding words will not purge us of our sins. These acts alone will not draw us nearer to God. But often times Church traditions—when we understand their origin and the intent behind them—can serve as tools to remind us of the very real reality of the Gospel in our lives."
I think it is so very important for us to always be mindful where we are at with God, what stuff in this world we have allowed to creep into our lives,what compromises are we making, you know just taking inventory. Being mindful, that is such an important characteristic to me. I want to be more mindful.  I know that my participating in Lent does not make me more spiritual, God is not "proud" of me, I am not more enlightened, I have not earned special favor, nor is my salvation dependant on it.   For me, right now, taking part in Lent feels like a tool for me to be more mindful of Christ and the most wonderful gift that changed my life forever! 

She Reads Truth

taking stock

on 2.2.15

I discovered a new blog called Meet Me At Mikes, and one of the things she does is called taking stock.  I have seen different version of this, but I thought I would give this one a try, with a few tweaks.  

January :: 2015

Made:  nothing that i wanted to {sad face}
Cooked:  lasagna from "What Katie Ate"
Drank: a specific number of glasses of water, daily, no exceptions
Read: Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist (highly recommend)
Wanted:  to move
Played:  Stratego, and horse (basketball)
Decided: to move
Wished: i didn't have to do the work that it takes to get rid of stuff
Enjoyed: putting together a puzzle with the family
Waited:  for Madam Secretary to return  
Liked:  the two 60 degree days we had
Wondered: if we would ever move
Loved:  Jeanne Oliver's class Becoming : the unfolding of you
Pondered: a simpler life
Started: listening to podcasts on my tv 
Watched: our church on Live Stream
Hoped:  i would lose weight in the challenge i am in

Needed:  to lose weight in the challenge i am in
Smelled: Candelles all natural wax tarts
Wore: my plaid puffer vest
Noticed:  the weight was not coming off very fast, even after cutting out 3600 calories a week just from soda
Knew: losing weight would be challenging with my thyroid
Thought: this time might be different
Admired: Tracie West's videos
Sorted: through 2014's mail
Bought: a new pair of shoes
Got: overwhelmed with projects
Finally: started playing with my new camera  
Disliked: my lack of inspiration that happens in the winter
Felt: sad
Following:  She Reads Truth  blog
Snacked: on a lot of granola 
Wished: my adult kids knew what being a parent was like
Helped: convince my grandmother to move in to an assisted living place
Listened: to The Art of Simple podcast with Tsh Oxenrider
Discovered: you can listen to podcasts on the Roku
Scripture Reading: it's chronological so skips around, Chronicles, Kings, and Obediah