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on 17.4.14

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 
~ Leonardo da Vinci

this one is my favorite

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The Contemplative Gardener

on 15.4.14

Tarrnation Farm was featured in the April issue of Country Living  This quant little farm can be found in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.  I am so going to stop there if I ever make it that far!  Just look for the hand lettered sign on the side of the road.  The owner, Reggie Tarr, bags all his vegetables in paper bags, and sells them for $5.95, and artful bouquets of flowers start at $9.95.  That's it in a nutshell.  Oh and it's self serve, just leave your funds in the coffee can on the counter.  I love it! The owner has more important things to do like tending to his beautiful flowers, and landscape.
I love his house with the weathered shingle siding, and the perfectly colored doors surrounded by God's amazing creation. Perfecto!  To read more about Tarrnation Farm, or see more of the photos, click here. 

Photographs by MAX KIM-BEE

store find

on 13.4.14

Be still my heart......I found this store via fvf. They interviewed the Bailey's, and took beautiful photographs of their store.  Here is a brief description of what they said about the store. 

"Housed in a converted English barn in the Herefordshire countryside, Baileys Home and Garden exudes a simple, utilitarian and effortlessly stylish aesthetic that infiltrates every corner of its homewares emporium. Worn wooden floors creak under your feet as you browse chandeliers made of antlers, alongside crates filled to the brim with pinecones and shelves lined with candles, stationery and an organic beauty range."  ~ fvf

A lovely description for a very charming store.  Who wouldn't love to stumble upon it while strolling on their bike along the fields of yellow Rapeseed flowers, while visiting England......I digress.  Here is a link to their store Baileys Home and Garden, it says they are not shipping internationally, yet.  To read the interview and see more amazing photos, click here

All photography by : Rich Stapleton for Cereal Magazine & FvF 


finding color :: green

biking lane. green.

old door. character. green.

lucky find. green.

simple. stems. green.

cherry bean. green.

breakfast. kids are hard on dishes. green.

industrial beauty. someone deserves a raise. thanks for picking color with style. green.

art. by me. green.

used stuff. great finds. one mans rubbish is another mans treasure. green.

finding color :: pink.

on 7.4.14

window. pink.

dressing room curtain. vintage. love.
art alley. pink.

farewell. pink.

What a weeks worth of groceries looks like around the world

Photography Peter Menzel photographed what would be considered a weeks worth of groceries, all around the world.   To see more photos visit Fstoppers.  One common thread I see with exception to only a few countries, is soda, soda, soda.  It's a little like "Where's Waldo", you just have to find it.  It is interesting to see what dominates in each photo, like bread, fruits and veggies, meat, dry goods, or chips and junk.  I think the USA has a lot of room for


                                                                       Great Britian