finding more yellow

on 19.2.14

diptych. yellow

 it's the small things. yellow.

pattern. yellow.

finding color :: yellow.

book finds. yellow.

downtown art. oversized paint. yellow.

found. yellow.
embrace the moment. yellow.


on 16.2.14

                     Sometimes it is difficult to decide to go
                     with the original or the recreated. 
                     Today I will go with the recreated.

light. solitude.

God loved flowers and invented soil.  Man loved
                                       the flowers and invented vases. 
                                                   ~ Jacques Deval 

finding color :: red.

on 11.2.14

I am joining the ladies over at color//colour.  looking for color in the everyday during the dreary gray of winter (which I am also fond of).  red is the first color.