Free today only!

on 25.6.13

Today only Typic Pro is free.  I use and love this app.  Click here to download.  Who doesn't love freebies!

Socialmatic camera

on 22.6.13

There is a new camera coming out and from what I can tell, it combines different types of photography into one.  It takes the ease of photo sharing that is mobile photography, as well as the filters and the instant appeal of the polaroid, and puts them together into one camera.  The price has not been released but the website said it is being priced for everyone.  Below are some of the features that it will have for sure.   To view the website click here.  Wonder if I will be adding this to my wish list?

Socialmatic™ will have:
14Mpx Frontal Camera
2Mpx Rear Camera LED Flash
4.3” Touchscreen
4GB Internal Storage
Stereo Speakers GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth
Frontal LCD with Mood Assistant A.I.
Socialmatic Instant Filters
Zink Instant Printer
Remote Printing Capabilities
SD-HDC for External Storage
Socialmatic Network Compliant

Detailed specification will be released in the next months.

Why is the sky blue?

on 15.6.13

Great infographic explaining why the sky is blue.  I had read somewhere that it was a reflection of the oceans as well.  But this is from the internet, so it must be true, right? Everything on the internet is true, right? {wink}  Ok, but seriously, I got confirmation from NASA, it's true......  You live some, you learn some.  

Why is the Sky Blue?

Not your mother's garage makeover

on 10.6.13

I stumbled across this on Curbly.  Designer Michelle de la Vega, converted this old garage into an a dwelling for herself.  She did an amazing job!  In my opinion, this 250 square foot space has more architectural integrity than so many houses being built today.   Renovating the garage didn't stop there, most of the furniture and or fixtures in the house were salvaged, refurbished, and repurposed.  Kudos Michelle, job well done!  If you would like to see more pictures of the inside, click here.

Beautiful upcycling

on 6.6.13

Is this not an amazing dress?  The upcycling challenge on Project Runway is one of my favorites.  While this dress is not from Project Runway, it is a dress made from old phone books.  Peoples talent and ingenuity never ceases to amaze me, and I love that!

Photo via Taxi,  dress designed by Jolis Paons