a letter from fred.......

on 16.9.13

A Letter From Fred from Green Shoe Studio on Vimeo.

Ok, get your tissues, and watch this! This 96 year old man was married for 73 years, and right after his wife died, he wrote a song, then seeing an add in the paper, he sent it in to a song writer contest. It didn't qualify because it was handwritten, but they were so touched by the song they produced it for him and now it is #9 on iTunes. Help make it #1 by purchasing it on iTunes, and squash all that pop junk!

Getting Older One Frame at a Time

on 10.9.13


Things that make you go hmmmmm....... Here is a time-lapse (well sort of ) video of a women aging over the span of the video.  After watching the video, read the article here at Peta Pixel to see how and what they did to make this video.  The film was created by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello and some very skilled friends.
The process of aging is very fascinating to me.  When ever I meet someone who is elderly, I always want to see pictures of them when they were young.  You think of someone who is old as a different person than their younger self, but as I age I realize, I am still the same person under this weathered exterior.  So much so that at times I feel I am an adult in disguise.  Sure we mature, and tweek things here and there, but does our soul really age?  Perhaps that is why aging is so difficult.

Free today only!

on 25.6.13

Today only Typic Pro is free.  I use and love this app.  Click here to download.  Who doesn't love freebies!

Socialmatic camera

on 22.6.13

There is a new camera coming out and from what I can tell, it combines different types of photography into one.  It takes the ease of photo sharing that is mobile photography, as well as the filters and the instant appeal of the polaroid, and puts them together into one camera.  The price has not been released but the website said it is being priced for everyone.  Below are some of the features that it will have for sure.   To view the website click here.  Wonder if I will be adding this to my wish list?

Socialmatic™ will have:
14Mpx Frontal Camera
2Mpx Rear Camera LED Flash
4.3” Touchscreen
4GB Internal Storage
Stereo Speakers GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth
Frontal LCD with Mood Assistant A.I.
Socialmatic Instant Filters
Zink Instant Printer
Remote Printing Capabilities
SD-HDC for External Storage
Socialmatic Network Compliant

Detailed specification will be released in the next months.

Why is the sky blue?

on 15.6.13

Great infographic explaining why the sky is blue.  I had read somewhere that it was a reflection of the oceans as well.  But this is from the internet, so it must be true, right? Everything on the internet is true, right? {wink}  Ok, but seriously, I got confirmation from NASA, it's true......  You live some, you learn some.  

Why is the Sky Blue?

Not your mother's garage makeover

on 10.6.13

I stumbled across this on Curbly.  Designer Michelle de la Vega, converted this old garage into an a dwelling for herself.  She did an amazing job!  In my opinion, this 250 square foot space has more architectural integrity than so many houses being built today.   Renovating the garage didn't stop there, most of the furniture and or fixtures in the house were salvaged, refurbished, and repurposed.  Kudos Michelle, job well done!  If you would like to see more pictures of the inside, click here.

Beautiful upcycling

on 6.6.13

Is this not an amazing dress?  The upcycling challenge on Project Runway is one of my favorites.  While this dress is not from Project Runway, it is a dress made from old phone books.  Peoples talent and ingenuity never ceases to amaze me, and I love that!

Photo via Taxi,  dress designed by Jolis Paons

on 19.4.13

This is so great, it just speaks for itself. One day.......

American Tintype from Matt Morris Films on Vimeo.

Dove real beauty sketches

on 18.4.13

This is so true. Dove is on a roll!  I would be interested in seeing this with the men describing the women, as it always amazes me how much more critical we are about women, than men are.


An hours worth of fun

on 29.3.13

      An hour spent with a friend at a bookstore = an hour well spent.  

Now of YOU

spontaneous moment,
finished looking at a magazine,
saw this lady on the back,
held it up,
took photo,
awkward, very awkward,
in public

love those shoes
So I didn't want to bug Tanya for a picture,  who was deeply interested in her magazines.  So I found this illustration instead.  It really does look like her, so this is her stand in.
stranger watching


on 28.3.13

I am loving my iPod.  I have had some downtime with my other cameras, and I'm not sure why.   My husband bought me an iPod as soon as they upgraded the camera, finally ( I was watching, hoping, waiting). It has encouraged me to get busy again, and discover a new art form as well.  I am taking a self portrait workshop in which I have only used my iPod, as well as for my 365 project.  I have to say it has also done wonders for me, as waiting is not my strong suit.  Now I always have picture to edit, and apps to explore, so wait on.........

I took these with the intention of posting them in color, but I am often drawn to monochrome instead.  So as you can see the monochrome won.

all natural,
no sugar added


NOW YOU 52 :: whimsy

on 26.3.13

Week 4 :: whimsy

And wheresoever we went,
like Juno's swans, 
still we were coupled and inseparable. ~
As you like it

Now YOU :: 52 of YOU

on 4.3.13

                     Soul shadows you everywhere ~T.G

52 of YOU

One photo at a time.....

on 28.2.13

Some one from my flickr group shared this, and it just made me weepy.  I love this stuff!  I have seen different variations, including taking a self portrait of yourself everyday for a year, or one picture of yourself every year to see how you change. And boy does his message at the end hit home.  Get yourself in the picture, and be part of the memory! Bravo.

Now YOU :: week 1

on 23.2.13

These were taken for a workshop I am participating in called Now YOU.  You can read more about it here.  I can't believe I am sharing these, so I am going to do this quickly, then hit publish and let the anxiety begin.  I didn't process these in monochrome, but for this blog post, I thought it tied them together well and actually I really like the results.  Notice I really was avoiding looking at the camera, and if I had to, well it was going to be
silly, or illusive.   All photos were taken with my ipod, and processed with it as well.  Ok, so I am really going to do this, I'm serious, no turning back.  Ok, here I go........on your marks, get set......ok, one, two, three........... and, hmmmm, seriously why,  I mean, what am I...........hhhhhhh. Who really cares. and post.


A few favorites

on 21.2.13

My last post was about the inspiration I drew from Vivian Maier.  Here are some favorite shots I took.

Caught in the act?

True life mimicking art.  Notice Garfield. 

The plan, visit the old west, go to global market.....

Nobody was harmed in the making of this photo, I don't think.....

Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

I won't lie, I love taking window shots, but you feel a little creepy.

I believe the sign said please don't feed the birds.......

Finding Vivian Maier

I am so excited for this movie.  What a fascinating story, full of mystery, irony, and intrigue.  It was after looking through Vivians work that I was inspired to do some street photography of my own.  I loved all the
details that paint a different time in history.   She captured moments in time that I could only enjoy through pictures.  Her self portraits were lovely, creative, and mysterious as well.  Her and I share our desire for privacy, even shyness,  only she seemed to embrace hers, while mine is something I hold against myself.  I have heard others say her story was an encouragement to step out and share more, but for me it may just be the opposite.  Permission to be who I am.

mosey + plod

on 19.2.13

Mosey + Plod
                                                            looking for beauty wherever I can find it.....
                                                     The color of springtime
 is in the flowers; 
the color of winter
 is in the imagination.
 ~Terri Guillemets

more pictures, more fun.....

Being apart of the Now YOU :: 52 of YOU community, I am getting to know some great peeps through their pictures and comments.  I have joined two other flickr projects, moderated by two such peeps. One is The Treehouse Club by Vanessa, the other is Mosey + Plod by Sarah.  Both promote the love of nature!  The Treehouse Club is based on 31 monthly prompts, that are the same each month, only your interpretation changes.  Mosey + Plod is based on Sarah's grandmother, who had a wonderful life habit of moseying with her girlfriends, enjoying nature, and friendship for a lifetime.  Sarah came up with the idea of doing something similar only miles apart.  The idea is you take a mosey/plod with your camera and then you share.   For the treehouse club, I think I will do one post at the end of the month of all my photos.  For Mosey + Plod, I will do them as they happen.  So here is my first mosey...... 

mosey + plod
50 degree day sandwiched between much colder days
went for a walk with my son in suburbia
living a nomadic life of sorts, temporarily, nothing to tie us down
had to put on rose colored glasses to find the beauty
remnants of urban sprawl

Now YOU :: 52 of YOU

on 18.2.13

I signed up for an online workshop called Now YOU :: 52 of YOU, it is a self portrait workshop that spans an entire year. If you are like me, you might be thinking why would anyone want to take a year's worth of self portraits.  How true.  So before you judge me {wink} here is why.  There is very little documentation of my life before I was an adult.  That made picture taking, or documenting my family's life, that much more important to me.  I love pictures, everybody's pictures, all pictures, they are a window into one's life, a moment captured.  That said, I do not like being in the pictures, pathetic, and cliche I know.  I have my reasons, for instance, I have never lost my pregnancy weight, and feel very uncomfortable in this body of mine.  Another reason is if there really is such a thing as not being photogenic, I would definitely fall into that category.  This is not just my own opinion, my family most often agrees.  When I am in a picture, I rarely look like what I see in a mirror, and in a really bad way.  When we take pictures, my kids will look at the viewing screen,  laugh, then say, sorry mom it's not good.     We will try, then try again.  It usually lends itself to lots of laughter because I'm just not photogenic.   So  a few years ago I saw a movie called The Family Stone.  I will try not spoil it for you, so I will just say at the end of the movie each of the family members received a gift, which was a black and white framed photograph of their mother from days gone by, during one of her pregnancies.  It was a precious gift, and it broke my heart.  It was a sad reminder that in all our memories I have documented, I am not in them.  I don't have photographs of old hair styles, a face without wrinkles, young hands, bad fashion choices, laughing, crying, interacting with my kids, my husband, my friends, my existence, proof that I was here.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I don't remember how I came across the Now YOU workshop, but when I did, and I saw that it was a year long workshop, with 2 shutter sisters,  I wanted to be apart of it.  I knew on my own I would never take self portraits, it feels vain, and very uncomfortable.  But through the workshop and the weekly prompts, it would be a good excuse, or permission if you will.  Through this process, maybe I would learn what angles work, how to light myself better, or maybe I would just come to peace with this self.  Either way, it would be a win win situation.

So here I am, taking self portraits, lots of them.  I am not so brave as to share them with people I know, but I do share them with the Now of YOU community.  While I will not be sharing them on my fb page,  I decided I might (I do reserve the right to change my mind, right?) post some of the photos here on my blog, maybe.   My ipod is full of these photos, and I would be horrified if anyone were to discover that.  What would they think?  Ah, change takes time.......

So here is from my first assignment, my first self portrait at arms length.  Taken with my ipod.



on 28.1.13

This is my word for the year :: simplify
the wind, it is a changing
and i will change with it


on 17.1.13

This is for the NOW YOU workshop, this weeks theme was Mantra.  The first time I came across this was from a punk band out of Colorado, Dead Silence.  That was 27 years ago.  It rung true to me then, and still does.  If you asked my kids if I had a motto, this is one of several they would quote,  as I have mushed it into their brains.  Apathy is a dangerous place to be!
I spent way too much time trying to make this, very frustrating thanks to photoshop not working properly, only to realize flickr doesn't support gif's.  It definitely looked way better in my head, apparently my daughter wasn't holding very still.   Live and learn.