on 22.1.12

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Be inspired ~

Beautiful texture

Deep Greys
Cozy comfort on a cold day.....hmmmm.

I pulled these from a trend report for Ikea for 2012. Grey is such a mood setter. I really liked the photography, and the fact that it's from Ikea is a bonus! Photos and trend report found here, via Frida Ramstedt.

Keep going ~

on 20.1.12

Wow, I really needed this.  I am in such a rut, and I just can't seem to rise to the next level.  I have gotten caught in the comparison game, and I just don't compare.  Then after looking for inspiration I feel like it's all been done, like I wouldn't be able to be original anyways.  Arggggg.  Then I think, just take pictures and quit thinking about everything else.  Do it because you enjoy it, and create what pleases you, although what pleases me is that which I can't seem to create.  I also want to do it all, and it's just not possible, so I end up doing a little bit of everything,which amounts to nothing.  Then when I get real honest I realize a large part of it is fear.  When much is given, much is expected.  I run from expectations....
You can purchase a print here.

Photo Op 2012 ~ Week 3

My son was trying to work on his science experiment, and I was the annoying fly in the room. I was drawn to his attentivness, or maybe it just made it too tempting not to bug him.  {evil laugh}

Photo Op 2012 ~ Week 3

Ok, so right about now I am wishing I would have chosen a different project for January.  I have only captured pictures of my family, and they are not always cooperative.  I like the candidness of the photos, but I also wanted to learn something new.   There is still time, so maybe I can bribe someone.  It's too cold to go outside, so here is a snap I got of my husband doing his P90X.

3 Free Photobooth applications

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post I would love an iphone for no other reason than the camera and it's apps. One of those apps I can't use is photobooth, but thankfully there are some online apps that work great! The first one, Photoboother is my favorite.  It does not actually take your picture, instead you can upload any picture and it will put it in photostrip format with options for frames and color choice.  You can then download the results, email them, or purchase prints.


This is another great one!  It is a webcam app, so it turns your webcam into a photobooth.  It isn't an online app, you download it and use from your own computer.  The app is free, but with a downside.  You can only snap 10 pics a day, and there is a branding in the corner.  If you choose you can upgrade for $19.99 and change all that.  The free version has many options for frames, and filters etc, and things to add to photos post processing.  Lots of fun!

Very similiar to Snap, downloadable, with several options.

Have fun!

Just say NO to SOPA/PIPA!

on 18.1.12

Great explanation!

Click HERE to find your

Congressman and send them an


Instagram look in PSE

on 16.1.12

I found this great tutorial on creating and instagram look in PSE! As much as I like to stick with the real thing, I do not have an iphone. The only reason I would want one is for the camera and amazing apps created for it. Why they don't put an equally great camera in an ipod, I don't know, but Apple, if your listening to your customers we should be seeing one real soon, right? Anyways, I came across this great tutorial over at Elements Techniques, and wanted to share.  I'm new to that site, but it looks to be a good one! To watch the tutorial click here.

Created by Elizabeth LePage

Photo Op 2012 ~ Lighting how to

on 12.1.12

Great advice on lighting.  I don't even own a speedlight, let alone these kind of lights!  I will have to experiment with household lamps, or continue with natural light. Hmmmm.

Photo Op 2012 ~ Week 2


Photo Op 2012 ~ Week 2

on 11.1.12


I tried experimenting with natural light, but then I decided to try my on camera flash with a piece of paper taped in front of it. It worked pretty good. I really find lighting to be difficult even when going for a candid shot.  Arggggg.

Photo Op 2012 ~ Week 1

on 9.1.12

Catching up ~ Thought I would start with a self portrait. See if I make any progress......

Month 1 ~ Portraits

The Idea ~ Shooting portraits is a really important skill to have as a photographer.

Portraits can be formal or informal, planned, or candid, in focus, or blurred. I would like
to include a variety, as well as trying some different lighting. maybe.

Below is a link to some great articles on portrait photography.

Our best portrait photography tutorials of 2011 ~

dO over 2012

on 6.1.12

I posted earlier that I had not taken any pictures for a few months.  I thought it would be a great idea to start a 365/52/12 project to get me back up and going.  I was interested in several projects, and yet I just couldn't get there.  Trying to interpret a word with my camera after being on hiatis just seemed like work, not fun.  What I really want is to focus on my skills via projects, make sense.... I was trying to figure out how I could work that into a 365 type thing.  So what I came up with is this, I have a book called Photo Op, that has 52 projects for image makers, see video below.  I have had this book for a while, and love it, but have not been able to use it much. So my plan is to pick 12 projects and spend a whole month focusing on it.   My goal is to post daily, or at least a few times a week.  Now I'm excited!     


         Pinterest find of the day!

Found here

Clean and organized?

on 2.1.12

We recently moved, and I have a lot of organizing to do.  I found this blog challenge for cleaning and organizing, and thought, maybe I should try this.  Sometimes when your the planner, the organizer, the doer, you have moments when you just want someone else to tell you what to do. I swear if someone was telling me what to do pertaining to my weight(not in the form of a book, but an actual person), the pounds would just come off.   Anyways, I thought maybe I would let myself off the hook, and try someone else's plan. So let the fun begin!


For the past few months, my family and I have gone through some major changes.  As a result, I have not touched my camera, or my blog, but I am happy to say

I'm back.

I really needed some inspiration to start off the new year and get back in the swing of things.  I found several options and thought I would share a few of them.  Can't wait to get started!


 Develop Project 2012

 Photo a Day


Capture Your 365


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