on 30.5.11

Over 5000 men and women have died serving the United States in the Iraq and Afghanistan  wars.  This is a project about who they were - sons, daughters, sisters, brothers - and the bedroom  they once called their own. By Ashley Gilbertson

FIRST LT. BRIAN N. BRADSHAW, ARMY Killed June 25, 2009, Kheyl, Afghanistan; roadside bomb. AGE: 24 HOMETOWN: Steilacoom, Wash.

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Bedrooms of the fallen by Ashley Gilbertson

Spring delight

on 29.5.11

There is one, yes just one, that I am aware of.  One what you ask, one magnolia tree in this whole city.  It is on the boulevard and belongs to a charming older couple.  They are gardners after my own heart!  Bramm and I were taking a few pictures, when the man came out and greeted us (I thought he was going to yell at me, or question me).  He invited us into his charming little green house and showed me around his garden.  Told us to visit them this summer for some mint tea.  It was delightful!  I took a few pictures of the tree and plan to send him a print to add to his green house collection, at his request. Here is one of the pictures I took, with a holga flair. 

Sweet Shot Day

Nothing new under the sun.....

Please - steal - my - ideas - by Evie

Wow, an amazing article! What a God given perspective and reminder of how arrogant we can be. It always seems very short sighted to me when people complain about this because I see tons of great stuff, but nothing that is completely new, just their version. They are using elements that were already invented, making something that is already invented, but instead making their own version, but get offended when someone else does the same. If you paint in the impressionist style are you not copying Monet, are you not copying the orignial person who thought to apply paint to a canvas, are you not copying the people who came before you who painted an ocean scene. Why is that ok, but not using the techniques you learned at a recent class. When you read about the masters, they usually studied under someone and copied their stuff and they were supposed to. I kept thinking something was wrong with me because I didn’t agree with so many others viewpoint about this, so thank you Evie, for validating me!

A Perfect Vacuum

on 17.5.11


Your eyes deceive you, this is not a photograph, it is actually a painting! Amazing!  This is the work of Jeremy Geddes and his stuff can be found here. Jeremy Geddes Art

Labor of love!

on 15.5.11

When I saw this cake I couldn't believe how minimalist yet beautiful it was.  Amazing!

Learn to make this cake!

Frilly cake
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Tips for Texturing Photographs

on 14.5.11

Great article on adding textures to photographs.

Tips for Texturing Photographs

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