on 15.2.11

Can I just say that I am very proud of this image.  The reason ~ this was taken with a plastic camera (not holga) that uses no batteries, has no flash, no special lens, it's just one step up from a pinhole camera made from a cereal box. The reflection was not added, I had to lay on the ground to get it all in.  My husband was informing people around that no I didn't need an ambulance, I was just crazy for pictures :) 


So I'm still learning to play with my Holga.  I hacked it so I could use 35mm film and am still trying to figure out what is going to show up on film compared to the viewfinder.  I was also trying to decide on the number of clicks and double exposure.  Many lessons to learn including developing.  I assumed when I had it developed there would be sprocket holes no matter what, live and learn. 


Small town along the road..

on 4.2.11

These were taken on a trip to a near by town whose population I could probably count on my fingers and toes.  Ok, maybe a slight bit more.  Anyways, it was for my b/w challenge, I again, didn't get them posted.  And I'm still behind.....but I'm working on it.     

B/W's that didn't get posted....

Well, I really didn't get to take a lot of pictures for my black and white challenge.  I really wanted to get out and take some specific shots and either weather or life got in the way.  I did make it to Pactola once, however I didn't get the shots I hoping for :(  I did learn a lot about processing for black and white and have been putting those skills to work.  It's really a very big subject matter, so I will have to revisit next summer.
Here are some shots, some old, some new that didn't get posted.

This is my best friend Tanya, that was taken about 4 years ago.  I thought making it monotone got rid of the distracting colors, and allowed you to focus on the friendship, I also added noise for effect.

I like hardware, what can I say....

These were taken during a really foggy day.

Stranger shot...

Pactola, loved the sky but I hate pine trees, but I needed something to balance it.


Toy Camera

I purchased a plastic toy camera (not my holga) that uses film, has a wide angle lens, and requires no batteries, so no flash.  It is suppose to only be used in bright sun, but I had some 800 ISO film, so I thought I would experiment.  Well, I learned I really should stick to bright sun with this thing.  So here are a few pics that turned out.  When I took the pictures I really wasn't expecting it to work, so I really just took random pics so I wouldn't be too bummed if they were all underexposed. The pictures look grainy because I had to scan with my cheapo scanner, but I thought it added to the toy camera charm. Perfectly imperfect......



on 3.2.11

I am so excited about the first episode,  I thought they did a fantastic job.  Mitch had some great
advice about not comparing yourself to other photographers, and finding your own style.  I also liked what he said about not following the rules and worrying about if people will like it, just do it!  I don't think I have a specific style yet, but that is good advice for me as I sometimes get distracted by those "rules".  Love it!