Choices, choices, choices

on 29.12.10

Here are some more candy cane shots.  I added texture to 2 of them,  and now I can't decide which one I like best.

No added texture

Texture 1

Texture 2

Sweet Shot Day

Day 18, and 21

Day 18 ~ Recharging ~ Photography is definitely one of the ways I recharge, especially when I am free to take pictures of whatever I fancy.  With a holga I am freed even more from the typical photography constraints.

Day 21 ~ Attitude ~ On this day I was not feeling sassy, but more like Susie homemaker.

Days 14, 15, 16, 17.......

on 26.12.10

I'm a little behind, so I'm putting these in one post.

Day 14 ~ Sincerely Yours ~ I love these cards! Remember Christmas = glitter!

Day 15 ~ Got gifts ~ Turning your photos into gift tags! 
Such a cool idea, but I wasn't able to bring it to fruition.  But now I will be set for next year! 

Day 16 ~ Season of lights ~ Bokeh!  I had something else in mind but it was not working...:(

Day 17 ~ Warm glow~ Nothing quite like candle light. We have, I mean I have gotten candle wax in the carpet at every home we have lived in.  My husband is always so pleased, NOT!

Just because.....

on 20.12.10

This is a cool old car in a car lot that I have been wanting to take pictures of.  I thought it would also make a great background for some of the ideas I have, but I didn't want to draw attention to myself either.  With daylight so limited I couldn't wait until after business hours, so I took the plunge. And we (Victoria and I) got caught.  The old guy wanted to know what we were doing, I explained, he didn't understand.  He wanted to know what my intentions were, if I was going to publish these, what my motive was. Like it was unfathomable that I just wanted to take pictures of a cool car......

Day 13 ~ Simply divine....

on 17.12.10

I am not religious, I just have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!  This is a cross that my grandfather made using the same type of nails they used on Christ.

Day 12 ~ Whole lot of happy!

     This is a smiling cat ornament that belongs to Victoria. It always makes me laugh.


on 14.12.10

My blog has become very's not lining up....argggg!

Day 9 ~ It's a sign.....

on 13.12.10

I had a car full of people when I spied this sign.  I made an unexpected stop to get a picture.  It is a sign with a warning, nobody wants to live on dead broke street!

Day 11 ~ Shaping up

on 12.12.10

This photo prompt was about shapes that remind us of the holiday.  This is dill in my garden that I neglected to harvest, it's reminds me of snowflakes.  I ❤ snowflakes!

Day 10 ~ Twinkle twinkle

I'm a few days behind as I don't have pictures yet for days 8, 9.  Life goes on......I think this photo is one of my favorites!

Day 6 ~ It's the little things......

on 7.12.10

Glitter! I ♥ glitter! Who doesn't love glitter. It sparkles, it shines, it's beautiful (well except that really big chunky stuff). Did you know they have glitter that is made out of antique glass? Really, they do! However, I find it a little less than practical except during Christmas. So to make up for lost time, I glitter everything! We try and glitter new ornaments and other things every year.  This year I bought these huge glass balls to glitter with this amazing brown glitter, it will go beautiful with our hot pink bulbs we glittered in years past. Ok, the word glitter is starting to sound weird......

Day 5 ~ The view from here

on 6.12.10

This is the view through my dirty windshield, taken on our way to cut down our Christmas tree!

Day 4 ~ You hold the key....

I didn't want to do something so similar to yesterday, but to be true to myself, I must. There are many things I do and even more that I am passionate about, but the key to everything I do starts with the Word of God. It is the largest lens in which I view everything else.

Day 3 ~ All you need is LoVe

on 4.12.10

There is no great definition of love ~ just saying.......

Day 2 ~Reframing ~ Perspective

on 3.12.10

I want to reframe my perspective of thine self. I am never in any pictures because I can't bare to look at them if I am. What I see in the mirror and what I see in pictures don't match up. If I am in a picture, I have to be making a funny,or goofy face.

Day 1 ~ Place of gratitude....

on 2.12.10

Today was the first day of Picture the Holidays, and our word was gratitude.  We are suppose to interpret the word or concept with a photograph so viola..... I am most thankful for the people attached to these feet!I am also thankful for a family that laughs with me daily (sometimes too much as we have a hard time getting our school work done), and thankful that they humor me when it comes to my ideas. And yes, we really did write on our feet.