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Girl put your records on......

Who out there doesn't still have their records from the pre cd days? I remember going to Sioux Falls for a punk gig that was played at a pig roast in about 1988/89.  The next day we went to the record store, and we were checking out all the cd's but we all stayed true to our vinyl. Fast forward to today, and cd's have quickly been replaced with digital files on our devices.  I still have all of my records, and have even added to them in recent years. One of my favorite cassette tapes I had back in the day was Bob Dylan's Freewheelin' Bob Dylan! I decided to purchase the album one day when I spied it on the shelf. I am not sure I want to listen to every band I like on vinyl, as it seems a rare treat saved for very specific bands.

Yesterday while I was cleaning up in my art room, I turned on my record player and listened to some Dylan. My picture was born. Tracie West commented that I had a theme going since my last two pictures were black and white, but it really has…

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